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He is a mechanical engineer and his entire professional life has been in construction and energy.

He sees every day the opportunities there are in using energy in an advanced, efficient and intelligent way and how easy it is in most cases and yet it is not done.

We all have a responsibility to reduce our emissions. It is urgent.

He sees resilient and sustainable construction as an opportunity for growth, change and purpose, and also as a clear and profitable business strategy.

He is your independent, expert and neutral support. He understands your case and your circumstances and lays out the options you have. And you decide.

And once we manage to transform it, he leaves it in your hands. Or accompanies you as long as you need.




Francisco is a Fuel and Energy Engineer graduated from LEEDS University, UK. Senior Member of the American Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and Director of Climate finance based on Results in AdvanceBau, with more than 30 years of experience in the areas of energy and climate change.

He has supported the German Agency for International Technical Cooperation (GIZ), KFW Bankengruppe, CAF, World Bank, the Global Climate Partnership Fund; European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, EBRD as well as various donors, etc. in their efforts to estimulate greater use of Low-carbon technologies and business models through climate finance.

This includes the design and implementation of Results-based Climate finance Schemes, Design of large scale Climate finance Programs (including financial instruments and ESCO models within the framework of the Appropriate National Mitigation Actions & NAMAs), Development of Application Proposals for Climate finance Funds, Consulting and Portfolio Development of low-carbon projects, Development of capacities and strategies for Climate Finance, etc. in order to attract the aditional capital needed to make renewable energy, efficient energy, waste management, and more projects viable.

Its main areas of action They are: Energias Renewable; Energy efficiency in the field Industrial, green buildings, MSW, biomass processing, among other sectors and in several countries in Latin America, the Middle East / Nor Africa and Southeast Asia.




Sonia is an Engineer, MSc. in Business Engineering, PhD © in Sustainable Development.

She is an Independent Director certified in good corporate governance practices, with more than 40 years of experience in the public and private sectors and NGOs, in corporate and financial, academic and public management spheres; with focus on strategic management, integrated communications, corporate governance and public policies.

During the last 15 years her professional focus and interest has been sustainability, sustainable construction and urban interventions; specifically in social and environmental construction impact, and social, individual and community interactions, with the built environment

Education, training and development of tools for sustainability; prevention, adaptation and mitigation to the effects of climate change and building resilience; that is Sonia’s focus of action and research.

“… The importance and need for risk management and resilience is increasingly evident, especially in regions particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and the impact of natural disasters that, in addition to the tragedy that means the loss of human lives, built infrastructure , services and means of subsistence, also impacts economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects… ” (De Paola, 2014)

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